Media & Film Production

Weaving Celluloid Dreams

Creativity challenges the static but goads the productively artistic minds to keep rolling with radiance. All those involved in BCC’s various accomplishments, are keen on opening newer vistas for the group. In this regard, Bharat’s keen sense of story-telling that remained unutilised and even bottled for long has borne fruit with his keenness to get into the business of films and film-making. Soon, the participation of BCC in film production promises to be yet another exciting landmark!

Film Production

A blank canvas can be very intimidating. Hence, most people set limitations. But then, a few enterprising minds are different from many others. All the innovative brains behind BCC are such innovatively creative minds too that they are never satisfied with their achievements or would never rest on their laurels. They continue to look for more opportunities even outside their realm of real estate. Be it adorning the wall in the office canteen with illustrations that communicate with quirky, sharply witty and wacky images of victuals, or announcing a contest for students for ornamenting the school boundary wall with graffiti, their artistic bug continues to spread its wings far and wide.

Taking off from its unprecedented approach, BCC sets the tone for perpetuity and eternity. And carries on unfazed into unmapped grounds.

Having tested waters earlier in 2012, when BCC produced television serials for Doordarshan – Nancy and Main Tulsi Bin Aangan Ki - the inspired minds at BCC have set their next goal to enter film production. That too, in a big way!

Continuing with his innate desire to kick off with a novel narrative, BCC is all set to unveil its new plan to venture into yet another uncharted territory: feature films. The team at BCC is gung ho about ushering in an era of wholesome feel-good entertaining cinema (the new wave heralded by the likes of Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Basu Chatterjee, and later by Dibakar Banerjee) that serves more as a stress-buster than merely a comment on the socio-political scenario, and, therefore, caters to relieving the everyday pressures of the common man. It was sheer coincidence that BCC’s strategic PR and marketing consultant Mridul Chandra of Channel Public Relations Consultancy, who has been a consultant with the company for more than 5 years, shares the same dream, and is a willing partner in this endeavor. Together they have embarked on a journey to move forward and produce Hindi feature films shortly. This is going to be a voyage that may tangentially drift into yet another enterprising domain but, will essentially, remain within the ideological parameters that BCC stands for: of integrity, revolution, novelty and an honest commitment to the multitude.

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