"I knew that failure would never overtake me if my determination to succeed was strong enough. "

A born leader S.P. Singh is at the helm of the BCC Group. Blessed with an inventive mind and business acumen to foresee prospects where none seems to exist, he also has a determined enthusiasm to see his vision through to completion. Under his leadership, BCC has taken massive strides from being a construction house to a real estate developer. As an expert on real estate, he has contributed tremendously to bring about fast-changing trends within the organization with stupendous results.

He is passionate about making BCC attain newer heights in quality and process automation and has been instrumental in implementing Just in Time (JIT) procurement and Six Sigma in construction. As a result, all his efforts have produced and created quality products and delivery system within BCC, that are in line with the international standards.

S. P. Singh ( Chairman )

Forging Ahead. Undeterred.

Singh foresaw a bright future in a virtually unfarmed piece of land. In 2005, BCC got a fresh lease of life when S.P. Singh made a decision that distinctively made his firm different from public or listed companies: the choice of Ghaziabad as the location for his housing project. Around the same time, he inducted his son Kumar Bharat to take over the reins. At a time when other developers preferred to establish their base in the Capital region and its adjoining towns of Noida and Greater Noida for their projects, he chose an unknown and virgin territory of Ghaziabad. It was his steadfast belief that made his determination to launch his company in the undeveloped place that has now led to many other developers focusing their energies into building housing projects in the vicinity. Today, as Bharat City stands tall among a plethora of structures that have come up recently, Singh's resolve gets all the more validated.

Singh's judgment to induct Bharat into BCC also paid off. His son may be half his age, but what he lacked in boardroom experience, he made up for in enthusiasm. And new imaginative ideas. It helped him take a longer view and make decisions quickly, since together their approach to business based on trust and personal bonding gave BCC a distinct competitive advantage.

Brimming with fresh ideas, Bharat entered the family business as a young enterprising daring man and turned out to be a blessing. Under Singh's guidance, the worthy son fostered his father's vision within no time, and soon, while testing waters, tried his hand at the nitty-gritties of the construction business. Even as a novice, he promptly learned the ropes, selling a 200 sq. yard piece of land with moderate success


Kumar Bharat ( Managing Director )

"Real estate is a business of steel and concrete, but it’s a fragile business."

It was his innate talent that led to arming Kumar Bharat with foresight and perceptiveness right early on in his childhood. Equipped with an instinctive eye to embrace any technological advancement, he does not allow any innovation to escape his attention. In terms of formal education too, he holds a remarkable list of credentials and hands-on experience in integrated project management, material management, systems and resource planning and budgetary control. His illustrious career spanning nearly ten years has only seen an upward graph.

Having led a large diversified conglomerate with a strong presence in real estate (Retail, Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, and Education & Healthcare), he has traveled widely to help him grasp the fundamentals of life, and learn to deliver with promised quality and time.

As a perceptive mind, what drives him most is his craving for innovation. He is the first builder in North India to have introduced the pre-cast technology at a time when either it was unheard of or was considered impractical.

It was Bharat's assurance and grand plans to start construction of approximately 9000 homes using precast that made people sit up and take note of the emerging trend in northern part of the country, and, today, we even see a couple of other well-known real estate companies foraying into it.

He keeps tabs on the state of development in the multifaceted profession of conceptual development across the world, and gives his inputs in space planning, research and construction management, and execution of the design. The current developmental upsurge in BCC's acceptance and recognition can be attributed to his forethought and well-timed alterations and modifications that he introduces from time to time. He is a perfect example of professionalism who knows how to deal with modern challenges through academia and practical outlook and leads an ever-progressive well-trained assembled team.

We Are All In It Together

BCC takes pride in its strength of invaluable human resources without whom the organisation would not have been what it is known to be today. Throughout human evolutionary history, coalitions have been an effective strategy for men to acquire resources to reflect on realities of implementing team working under a corporate customer service initiative. In Bharat's team too, there is an extremely competent team of leaders that drives the business forward meritoriously.

Kapil Kapur ( CEO )

"If the plan does not work, change the plan but never the goal. "

With over 15 years of extensive professional experience across several functions pertaining to the Indian mortgage and real estate Industry domain, particularly in the residential and international sales market, Kapil Kapur has always played a key role in turning around businesses. He is also credited with spearheading new initiatives both in India and in the overseas market. Prior to his association with BCC, he was a part of the HDFC group for 12 years working with mortgage and Realty division and his last stint was with Knight Frank where he was heading their North India and International business. Under his dynamic guidance and stewardship, BCC is poised to grow imaginatively in the right direction.

Sumit Chaturvedi ( CFO )

"Every risk is worth taking as long as it's for a good cause and contributes to a better life"

Sumit Chaturvedi's philosophy has been to not merely look for greener pastures, but also accept challenges that otherwise would deter people from taking risks. His special ability is to accomplish professional expertise with an unmatched dynamism that also makes him propel businesses. With vast domestic and international experience in real estate financing across debt and private equity deal cycle, he is an asset to any group. His significant experience in real estate funding, as also in preparation of business plans and corporate strategy, annual operating plans, and internal audits, makes him an incomparable leader. He heads the finance division and is one of key personnel of the multifaceted and multi-disciplinary BCC group.